LGDGC Dress Code

Gentlemens and Ladies Dress Rules

Members and visitors are requested to adhere to the dress code applied by the club, and members should accordingly advise their guests playing the course or attending a function. The dress rules are in place for the comfort and enjoyment of all members and visitors.

The club wishes to preserve a "smart but casual" approach based on clothing that is principally designed for golf. The club would appreciate your support in maintaining the following standards of dress.

The Course (including the putting/chipping greens and practice areas)

Appropriate golfing attire and golf shoes are required at all times. Logos or motifs must be of a discreet nature when worn on clothes.
The wearing of denim jeans and shorts, cargo/fatigue pants/shorts, track suits, T-shirts, football/rugby style shirts is not permitted.
Collarless shirts, manufactured by recognised Golf Clothing manufacturers designed specifically for golfers are permitted.
Only tailored or recognised golf shorts are permitted and must be worn with appropriate golf socks.
Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times unless specifically designed as over shirt.

In addition to the above dress rules, the following rules will apply to the Clubhouse, including the front of the clubhouse.

Members and visitors must have smart casual clothing or appropriate golf wear at all times.
Smart denim jeans may be worn. Torn or ripped jeans will not be considered appropriate.
Footwear must be worn at all times.
Caps must not be worn.
Dimpled or soft spiked golf shoes are permitted in the Steers bar only, but must be cleaned of debris and mud prior to entering.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in adhering to the above.

Course Etiquette

Protect our course

Players are requested NOT to take their trolleys between greenside bunkers and the greens in order to protect the bunker edges and the fringes of the greens.

Also do NOT take a short cut with your trolley through any of the ditches as it is damaging the grass and the edges of the ditches themselves.

Repair Pitch Marks

Use a ballmark repair tool, available from the pro shop, whenever possible.
Insert the repair tool at the edge of the pitch mark. Do NOT insert the tool within the depression itself.
Push the tool forward from the edge of the pitch mark toward the centre.
Do this around the edges of the indentation.
Do NOT insert the tool under the indented area and push up - a common mistake. Think of it as pushing turf in from the edges toward the centre.
Tap down the repaired area with your putter so that the surface is even.

If your pitch mark has actually displaced a piece of turf, do not replace it. Just work around the edges with your repair tool as normal. Any replaced turf will simply die, delaying the healing process.

Pushing the tines of your repair tool under the indented area and pushing up only damages the root system.

You should not only always repair your pitch marks, but, time permitting, you should repair any other pitch marks you see, too.